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European Mounts


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Video of Flesh Eating Beetles cleaning a Whitetail Deer Skull Skull

Our Skull Mount Process

How we do a European Skull Mount

Using a combination of nature and chemistry European skull mounts will last a lifetime and your trophy will be proudly displayed in any setting from log home to corporate office.

To begin the process we skin the skull and remove the neck vertebrae. Next we clean the skull of any tissue or muscle and remove the eyes and brains. Next step is to dry the remaining tissue overnight.

Flesh Eating Beetles at work  (Dermestids)

Natures way of cleaning up after itself . Dermestid beetles go to work removing all of the flesh. It is amazing how efficient these little critters are. After just a few days a complete skull will come out spotless of any flesh or tissue.

Degreasing European skulls

Degreasing is accomplished using solvents and degreasers. This is very important as bone will leach grease and yellow for years to come if not properly degreased.

Whitening Skull Mounts

Next the skull is whitened using hydrogen peroxide combined with special whitening agents. This industrial grade peroxide is a very powerful, potent product and will produce permanent deep whitening throughout the skull. It can be done easier and faster but the years will show on your trophy if a quality degreasing and whitening was done.
Display Panels

The last step is to mount the skull on a panel for display. We offer a wide variety of woods and display styles for wall or desk. Panels are protected with a matte lacquer finish and polished individually by hand.


Dakota Skulls ~1515 7th ST NW ~ Minot ~ North Dakota ~ 58703 ~ email ~ 701-720-0447
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