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Flesh Eating Beetles

At Dakota Skulls we use flesh eating beetles (Dermestid) the natural alternative for our European skull mounts. These are the same critters that have been picking bones clean since creation began. They are kind of like God's mini trash collectors, removing every speck of flesh and tissue from a skull in just days!

Fleash Eating Beetles do the work

Dermestid Beetle Fact Sheet

Various Stages Time Interval Characteristics
Egg 3-4 Days Creamy white, 2mm long
Larva   Averages 9 molts
Pupa 7-8 Days Hairy- barley visible to 1 inch
Adult (preoviposition) 10 Days Male beetle smaller than female
Adult (oviposition) 2 Months Will fly in temp above 80 degrees
Adult - total life span 5 Months  

 Room Temperature is ideal environment.

Dermestids do not go dormant when exposed to cold they just freeze.

Dermestids cannot fly at temperatures below 80 degrees

They can eat their way out of anything except metal or glass.

They strip away all flesh and cartilage leaving the bone spotless.

A strong colony will clean a deer skull in about 3 days.

Museum mites, Lardoglyphus zacheri can quickly destroy a colony's ability to feed.

Favorite food: fresh dried meat the consistency of jerky.

They do not thrive on rotten meat. Dermestids love fresh meat.

They won't eat dried brick hard flesh.

Adult beetles are black and range in size up to 1/2 inch.

The larva do most of the cleaning.

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Flesh Eating Beetle